Curious to know which boards and paddles we will use for the SUP Abruzzo Coastline cruising trip?

The Crusing Inflatable SUP Boards

We wanted high-performance and technical boards, which will allow us in June 2021 to cross the 130kms of the SUP Abruzzo Coastline in a week. We wanted stable but at the same time fast boards and also suitable for non-professionals like us. We wanted inflatable boards, more easily transportable despite their generous cruiser size. We wanted aesthetically beautiful boards, which made us look like Pro! We wanted an Italian brand.

If you haven’t understood it yet, we have chosen as technical sponsor the RRD, Roberto Ricci Design brand, who immediately believed in our project, giving life to a winning combination !!!

rrd roberto ricci design sup surf

The Inflatable Boards proposed

Thanks to the advice of Paolo Marconi (qui l’intervista) from the RRD team and our Emidio Rossi, we decided to evaluate three boards from the Perfo and Hi Perfo collections: the Air Race, Air Cruiser and Air Tourer, all three suitable for cruising. and long journeys, but each with a different vocation. We will choose our boards and paddles right now, so that we will have time to test them this winter and adapt in time for June. We will of course review our tests, so Stay Tuned!

Air Race y25


Sizes: 10’6”x25” / 12’6”x26” / 12’6”x29” / 14’0”x25”/ 14’0”x27” / 14’0”x29”

sup veloce rrd

Air Cruiser y25

tavole gonfiabili rrd air cruiser v5

Sizes: 12’0”X 31”, with a reinforced tail for power turns.

air cruiser

Air Tourer y25

tavole gonfiabili rrd-airtourer-v5

Sizes: 12’0”x32” / 12’0”x34”,
with porta paddle and bottle holders.

air tourer

The suggested Paddle

Which paddle to choose for our company? With a performance board, an equally powerful paddle must be used to make the most of it. As Paolo Marconi teaches us, a good technique and a good paddle are very important, especially for cruising outings where the movement of the paddling is repeated for several hours for several days. A good paddle dampens vibrations and makes movement efficient. This is the model we are evaluating: Dynamic Performance.

rrd pagaia carbon dynamic

Dynamic Performance y25

rrd pagaia dynamic-c80-adj-Y25

Available both in one piece and adjustable (from 174cm to 220cm) it is 80% carbon, weighing only 700g. The paddle optimizes all phases of movement. The adjustable version has an anti-twist system to prevent the knob from rotating.

rrd dynamic perfomance paddle


*In Hawaiian it means “Move Forward”.


In the meantime, we enjoy the official video of the RRD on its Air SUPs 🤤🤤

We also leave you the link to the store:

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