From Martinsicuro
To San Salvo
on a Stand Up Paddle

SUP Abruzzo Coastline, the challenge is launched for 2021. We will cruise the Abruzzo region on a SUP, rediscovering the Abruzzo coast from another point of view: not from the beach, but this time from the sea. An amazing outdoor experience.

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June , 12 – 19 2021
  Start from Martinsicuro
   Destination to San Salvo 


SUP Abruzzo Coastline

We will travel the 130 Kms of the splendid Abruzzo coast, at sea, in 7 days, with a Stand Up Paddle, creating a sort of “Camino de Santiago” with locations, POIs, bed&breakfasts and restaurants suggested on the trip, that everyone can then retrace at their own pace. We believe in a sustainable tourism – outside the usual high season – to discover and experience, with a privileged perspective, a territory that is unique for its landscapes, gastronomy and hospitality.

Sustainable tourism, out of the usual high season, combined with sport and entertainment and the unconditional love for a territory that is unique in terms of landscapes, gastronomy and hospitality, have prompted me to start this project.. SUP Abruzzo Coastline is a tribute to Abruzzo.

                          Luca Dell’Orletta

  • Enhance the Abruzzo coast in a sustainable way, with tourism outside the usual high season. Offer a different perspective of the seaside resorts, villages and mountains of Abruzzo.
  • 7 days, 7 stops, 18 seaside towns. We will invite the representatives of the local administrations, who will talk about the characteristics of the territory.
  • Obviously once “docked” we will have to eat! We will show you, and why not, taste if you want to follow us, the typical food and wine specialties of each place we visit.

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A Taste

The first edition will be held on June 12, 2021. We promise that we will document everything, on social media, on the blog and we will try to keep a “Logbook”. In the meantime, some photos taken by us during our training.

A as Abruzzo on a SUP board

abruzzo in sup

Abruzzo, strong and gentle

It’s said the people in Abruzzo are strong and gentle at the same time. Perfect  characteristics to be a SUP paddler:

STRONG, to paddle in the waves. SUP seems a light and undemanding activity to an outside spectator. Instead it uses all the muscles of the body, from the legs to balance the body, to the back to paddle and to the “core” to keep the whole body contracted.

GENTLE with the sea, because it must be listened to, understood and supported. Only in this way can paddling become truly relaxing, giving a lot of satisfaction.